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Apple Betty Day

October 5 is Apple Betty Day!

Similar to cobbler and bread pudding, apple brown Betty is a traditional American dessert consisting of apples baked between layers of buttered bread crumbs that are also  sweetened and flavored with brown sugar and spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Apple brown Betty is often served with lemon sauce, ice cream or whip cream.

According to Punchbowl.com, the apple brown Betty was created back in Colonial times, with the recipe first appearing in print in an 1864 issue of the Yale Literary Magazine.

Celebrate Apple Betty Day by making your own apple brown Betty. While you can certainly make a brown Betty using other fruit, such as berries or pears, we recommend you stick with apples today.

Slow Cooked Apple Brown Betty


Sources: punchbowl.com, wikipedia.org
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National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day

Custard doughnutSeptember 14 is National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day!

Going on a morning doughnut run? Forget the plain glazed, drop the doughnut holes, and don’t even think about snagging a bear claw – it’s National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day! Cream-filled doughnuts might pack  a little extra calories and sugar, but just for today, go cream-filled in honor of National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day.

For those of you whose doughnut of choice is already the cream-filled doughnut, celebrate by making your own cream-filled doughnuts, like these decadent Vanilla Cream-Filled Doughnuts by chef Joanne Chang.


Sources: holidayinsights.com
Photo Source: Alpha via Wikimedia Commons


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National Cheesecake Day

Baked cheesecake with raspberries and blueberriesJuly 30 is National Cheesecake Day!

Cheesecake is a rich, creamy dessert that consists of a soft cheese, such as cream cheese, filling on a pastry base, such as a graham cracker crust. You can eat cheesecake plain or with a variety of toppings, such as fruit, nuts or chocolate or fruit-flavored drizzle. Cheesecake is also made in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, pumpkin, raspberry, white chocolate and rocky road.

Celebrate National Cheesecake by ordering  a slice for dessert or making your own cheesecake at home.  Check out the abundance of festive and flavorful cheesecake recipes at King Arthur Flour and All Recipes!

And for the healthy-conscious, you can still enjoy National Cheesecake Day without completely ruining your diet. Try King Arthur Flour’s “Not-Half-Bad Cheesecake” recipe or the Food Network’s “Low-Fat Cheesecake.”

Never made a cheesecake before?  Click

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National Cherries Jubilee Day – September 24

September 24 is National Cherries Jubilee Day!

Cherries jubilee is a dessert consisting of cherries, sugar and liqueur, usually brandy or kirsch. Sound good so far? It gets even better! Cherries jubilee doubles as entertainment for guests, as the mixture is flambeed immediately before serving, then served over vanilla ice cream.

Celebrate National Cherries Jubilee Day by trying out one of the cherry jubilee recipes below for all your friends:

Classic Cherries Jubilee

Easy Cherries Jubilee


Sources: punchbowl.com, wikipedia.org
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National Chocolate Milkshake Day – September 12

Irish Violet CrumbleSeptember 12 is National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

Chocoholics everywhere, get ready for yet another day to savor your chocolate cravings! Celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day by enjoying a a cold, rich and creamy chocolate milkshake. Head to a nearby ice cream shop, diner or fast food restaurant during your lunch break or after dinner for a celebratory chocolate shake. Better yet, make one yourself!

For a traditional chocolate shake, try the Food Network’s Chocolate Milk Shake. For an extra chocolate-y shake, check out Allrecipes.com’s Chocolate Chocolate Milkshake. Think you can handle a little extra indulgence? Try adding mint, like in the 3 MUSKETEERS® Mint Chocolate Milkshake, which uses the mint-flavored version of this popular candy bar and mint sprig for a minty kick.


Sources: punchbowl.com, holidayinsights.com
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National Cherry Turnover Day

August 28 is National Cherry Turnover Day!

Cherry turnovers are cherry-filled pastries and a sweet and tangy treat, whether you eat them for breakfast or save them for dessert. Celebrate National Cherry Turnover Day by cooking your favorite cherry turnover recipe. Don’t have one? We do!

Fresh Cherry Turnovers

And in case you don’t have a lot of time on your hands…

Quick Cherry Turnovers Recipe


Sources: punchbowl.com
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National Banana Split Day

August 25 is National Banana Split Day!

The banana split, a classic ice cream- and banana-based dessert, consists of one scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream placed between a banana that’s been split lengthwise. The vanilla is topped with chocolate syrup, the chocolate with strawberry topping, and the strawberry with pineapple topping. Finally, the entire dish is topped with crushed nuts, whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

Yeah, there’s a lot going on in a banana split, so we won’t mind if you tone down your celebratory banana split today – as long as you have the ice cream and banana.Try Chiquita’s Best Chiquita Banana Split recipe or Rachael Ray’s Banana Split, which uses fresh blackberries and raspberries in place of pineapple and strawberry toppings and whipped cream.

Did You Know…that the banana split was invented by an apprentice pharmacist? 23-year-old David Evans Strickler enjoyed creating new sundae’s at the pharmacy’s soda fountain, leading him to create the banana split in 1904. Although it cost twice as much as other sundae’s, the banana split originally cost only 10 cents!

Feeling bold (or just really hungry)? Try Taste of Home’s All-American Banana Split recipe, which contains all the ingredients of the original banana split created by Strickler.

Sources: punchbowl.com, wikipedia.org



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National Sponge Cake Day

Cake from WHR(P)August 23 is National Sponge Cake Day!

Sponge cake is a European-style cake that contains little fat and is based on flour, sugar and eggs, though it is sometimes leavened with baking powder. Sponge cake is made by whipping egg whites until stiff peaks form, beating egg yolks with sugar until thick, adding other ingredients into the egg yolks, and gently folding the egg whites into the batter.

Because of their flexibility after baking but before cooling, sponge cakes are often used to make rolled cakes, such as jelly rolls. The basic sponge cake recipe is also used to make other desserts, including ladyfingers, trifles, tiramisu, madeleines and strawberry shortcake.

Celebrate National Sponge Cake Day by enjoying a slice of sponge cake or making your own. New to making sponge cake? Learn all the techniques for making a perfect sponge cake by clicking here, then try out one of these recipes:

Egg-Yolk Sponge Cake

Glorious Sponge Cake

Did You Know…that the Victoria sponge cake, a classic British cake, was named after Queen Victoria? She often enjoyed a slice with her afternoon tea. A Victoria sponge cake is made from a similar recipe as traditional sponge cake but contains additional fat and consists of jam and cream sandwiched between two sponge cakes.


Sources: punchbowl.com, allrecipes.com, wikipedia.org, eatliverun.com
Photo Source:Phil Parker via Wikimedia Commons
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Chocolate Day

Chocolate1July 7 is one of the best days of the year. Why? It’s Chocolate Day!

Chocolate Day is easy to celebrate: eat chocolate! Want to know how you can incorporate chocolate into every meal? Meet your Chocolate Day menu:

Breakfast: Whip up some chocolate chip pancakes or chocolate french toast. Or simply  pair your usual breakfast with a glass of chocolate milk.

Lunch: Toss a chocolate pudding pack, dark chocolate, or a mini chocolate candy bar in with your lunch for a post-lunch treat. You can also incorporate chocolate into your actual meal. Try some chocolate chili!

Mid-Morning and Afternoon Snacks: Chocolate at snack time? No problem! Try chocolate covered raisins, fruit or nuts. Or you can add a piece of dark chocolate to your regular snack.

Dinner: Experiment with chocolate infused dishes at dinner time by making a dish with mole sauce, such as Women’s Health Magazine’s  Poached (or grilled or baked) Chicken with Chocolate Mole or Hershey’s Cocoa-Coffee Spiced Chicken with Salsa Mole.

Post-Dinner Dessert: Not tired of chocolate yet? Follow dinner with a bowl of chocolate ice cream, a cup of hot chocolate,  a piece (or two) of your favorite chocolate, or chocolate cake. The possibilities are endless! Browse through the dessert recipes on Hershey’s website for ideas.

Sources: holidayinsights.com, womenshealthmag.com
Photo Source: Mariluna via Wikimedia Commons
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