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National Walk in the Park Day

March 30 is Take a Walk in the Park Day!

Forget about all your stress and troubles and immerse yourself in nature today by taking a walk around your local park. Walking is great exercise, and being out in nature can have a calming effect on the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Bring a loved one or canine companion with you, and take in all the beauty the park has to offer.

Check your town’s activities calendar to find out about fun events happening at your local park. If you don’t know of any parks in your area, the National Wildlife Federation’s website will help you find a park to take a walk in nearby.

Check out some of our picturesque calendars that feature National Parks!

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Play Tennis Day

February 23 is Play Tennis Day!

Millions of people around the world play tennis. In addition to being a really fun game, a tennis match can also be great exercise! Playing tennis is a total body workout; the sport can exercise your arms, legs, abs, and increase flexibility while acting as a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Grab a friend and get a game started!

Experiment with some serves used by professional tennis players.

Sources: Holiday Insights, Tennis Welcome Center

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National Walk to Work Day

The first Friday in April is National Walk to Work Day!

Today is intended to have a positive effect on the health of society and be a break for our environment from the pollution that is emitted by vehicles.

It is estimated that a whopping 86% of Americans take their car to work, 5% ride public transportation, and the remaining use alternate means of transportation. Take this opportunity to help reduce carbon emissions by walking to work today.

Walking has been proven to prevent obesity, reduce “bad” cholesterol, increase “good” cholesterol, lower body fat, reduce fatigue, and improve your overall mood. You really can’t go wrong with all of those health benefits!

If your workplace isn’t exactly within walking distance, we wouldn’t recommend walking a few miles on the highway and dodging cars just to celebrate National Walk to Work Day. Just take a nice long walk when you get home – we’ll understand!

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