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International Joke Day

July 1 is International Joke Day!

Everybody needs a good laugh now and then, and that’s exactly what International Joke Day was made for! It is rumored that jokes were first told in ancient Greece and that a laughter club (an early version of what we know today as a comedy club) existed during 350 B.C.

So spread some laughter, make a joke, or share a funny YouTube video today. Laughter is contagious, so crack some jokes and make people smile for International Joke Day!

In honor of this holiday, we thought we’d include some cute jokes about calendars.

Q: What do calendars eat?
A: Dates!

Q: What did the thief who stole a calendar get?
A: Twelve months!

Q: Why are Saturday and Sunday the strongest days?
A: All the others are weak-days!


Sources: Altius Directory, Holiday Insights

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International Moment of Laughter Day – April 14th!

Theodore Roosevelt laughingWhat is International Moment of Laughter Day?

Humorologist Izzy Gesell created International Moment of Laughter Day to encourage people to laugh – not just to lift their spirits but to boost their overall mood and self-esteem. Learn more about Izzy’s self-esteem boosting programs and methods and thoughts on humor at izzyg.com.

When is International Moment of Laughter Day?

April 14th of each year.

How do I celebrate International Moment of Laughter Day?

Make sure you have at least one good, whole-hearted, abs-burning laugh by the end of the day. Read a funny book, tell jokes with your co-workers, watch crazy cats and dancing babies on Youtube, check out your local comedy club or end a long day with a comedy movie.

You know that laughing boosts your mood and benefits your mental and emotional health. But did you know laughing comes with physical health benefits, too? Learn more by clicking on the links below:

Laughter is the Best Medicine (Helpguide.org)
Give Your Body a Boost – With Laughter (Web MD)

Source: izzyg.com

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