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National Scrabble Day

April 13 is National Scrabble Day!

Scrabble was invented in 1938 by a man named Alfred Mosher Butts.  Butts was born on April 13, 1899 and when he lost his job at an architecture firm, he set out on creating a new board game. Scrabble, originally called Lexico, was based on his beloved crossword puzzles. Celebrate today by playing a game of Scrabble with your family and friends!

Some interesting Scrabble facts:

  • Over 150 million games have been sold in 121 countries around the world.
  • Scrabble is currently produced in 29 different languages. The latest is the Welsh language Scrabble introduced in 2006.
  • The original game did not have a board but was played with tiles only.
  • It’s not possible to play Scrabble in Japanese or Chinese, but they play in English with a rule book in their own language.
  • There is a town called Scrabble in Berkeley County, West Virginia, USA. They don’t have a Scrabble club.
  • The longest word playable with only vowels is ‘euouae’ (a Gregorian cadence) and the longest word with only consonants is crwth(s) (an old Welsh stringed instrument).

Check out some of our awesome Scrabble games and calendars!

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National Trivia Day

January 4 is National Trivia Day!

Celebrate today by trying out for a game show, or you could just impress your friends with some completely useless facts.

Either way, we have an amazing selection of trivia calendars and games at Calendars.com to give you the edge. Enjoy!

Source: Holiday Insights

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Card Playing Day

Bicycle-playing-cardsDecember 28 is Card Playing Day!

There’s no better time to enjoy a relaxing card game with your family and friends than the week in between Christmas and New Year celebrations, when the excitement of the holidays has calmed down a bit but you still have a few lingering and restless  family members around.

Grab a deck of playing cards and celebrate Card Playing Day by playing some of your favorite card games. Up for a challenge? Take this opportunity to learn a card game you’ve never played before. Find rules for a variety of card games below!

Card Game Rules from bicyclecards.com
Card Games and Rules from Grandparents.com


Sources: holidayinsights.com, theultimateholidaysite.com
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Raul’s Birthday


October 10 is Raul’s Birthday!

Raul is one of our very own here in the office, and to celebrate his birthday he wanted to share his top 5 products with you!


Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



This calendar is full of giant bucks with unbelievable racks. It may not always be deer season, but you can appreciate these Monster Bucks all year long.




Dave Ramsey 2013 Desk Calendar



Dave Ramsey injects encouragement, insight, and common sense into every day of 2013 in this desk calendar. Tear off a page each day with advice on how to find financial peace.




Soar to Success 2013 Mini Wall Calendar



These stunning photographs and inspirational quotes will help you keep a positive attitude through all of 2013. Enjoy these simple reminders that will create extraordinary results.




LCR Dice Game




Enjoy this simple to play fast-paced game that is easy to learn and impossible to put down!




Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



Every man needs to have certain skills. This book shows you all the skills you may not have picked up along the way and helps you never have to ask for help (since we know you hate that)! Simple illustrations and advice will help you Man Up!




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National Video Games Day

Check out our video game calendars!

Ever wish you could spend the whole day playing video games? Ok, so maybe you already do, but today is the one day of the year you have an excuse…It’s National Video Games Day! (And actually, you get two days each year – July 8 is Video Game Day.)

If you have the day off from work or school, spend the day playing video games, whether alone or with friends, online or with a game console, at home or at the arcade, even on your phone! If you have to go to school or work today, we won’t judge you if you take the day off to play video games…Just kidding – we’ll judge you a little.

If you’re playing video games with other players, make sure you practice proper gaming etiquette.

Did you know…According to the Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) 2012 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, “The average gamer is 30 years old and has been playing for 12 years. Sixty-eight percent of gamers are 18 years of age or older.” Find out more interesting facts at the ESA’s website.

Sources: Holiday Insights, Yahoo! News, Entertainment Software Association

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