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3 Sites to Organize your Book Collection

An out of control book collection leads to keeping more than you need. Use one day on the weekend to catalog your books. The sites below have made this process a piece of cake.

First, Make a Large Pile

Bring every book you have into the center of your room. It is healthy to visualize how many books you have collected throughout the years.

Then, Pick a Site

Of the sites below, pick one and run with it. They will all suffice for what you need. Don’t get hung up on choosing the tool. I have ordered them from my personal favorite down.

Google Books

Google Books gives you the extra step of cataloging. Not only can you quickly search for the books you have, but you can peek into books you may want to read in the future.

“You can flip through a few preview pages of these books, just like you’d browse them at a bookstore or library. You’ll also see links to libraries and bookstores where you can borrow or buy the book.”


Shelfari is unique because of the reading community. If you want to get your entire office or class on a certain site, this would be it. You can add recommendations for friends and reviews for others.


Goodreads is very similar to Shelfari. The one unique offering is the ability to create content surrounding a book. You can make quizzes, videos, and events surrounding specific books. They boast 3.2 million users with nearly 8.4 million books on their shelves.

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