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What is a Tickler File?

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah, and any other successful entrepreneur has the same 24 hours in a day that we all do. One thing that most of these people have mastered is time management. We don’t all have personal assistants to keep us on our toes. Despite Tim Ferriss’ attempt to have us outsource our life, it isn’t realistic for most.

It Starts with You

No one can convince you more than yourself. Any self driven person doesn’t rely on everyone else to keep things organized and ready to go. Being both organized and passionate is a dangerous combination. Only when you have mastered both, with a hint of money management, can you put your head down and charge at the world.

What is a Tickler File?

A Tickler File is a way of remembering time-sensitive material. A physical setup revolves around a set of folders that ‘tickle’ the memory.

Tickler files were used in early twentieth century to allow lawyers to remember when they needed to renew their trademarks and copyright information.


What Does 43 Folders Mean?

The popular productivity and time management blog, 43folders.com is a direct reference to the 43 folders used in the Tickler File system. The 43 folders refer to the 31 days (maximum) in a Gregorian or Julian month, and the 12 months of the year.


Receipts, birthday cards, or whatever needs to be done in a following month, is placed into the months ahead. At the beginning of each month, the user of the system would distribute the articles into the numbered days.

Say it was January…

“I know this birthday is somewhere in March.”

The user would then place the birthday card in the March folder.

On March 1st, the user would move the 31 numbered folders into the March folder, and distribute whatever needs to be done into the different days. And so on…

What are your thoughts on the Tickler System?

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