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National Handshake Day

June 30 is National Handshake Day!

Handshakes are used for a variety of purposes: meeting new people, greeting or parting from others, expressing thanks or congratulations, making an agreement, closing a business deal, conveying good sportsmanship towards your opponent after a game, and making a first impression on a job interview. So why not celebrate this every day act? Use National Handshake Day to find an excuse to shake people’s hands, make up a secret handshake with your best friend, or improve your handshaking etiquette and technique.

Improvement is also learning about what not to do, so be aware of the top 10 handshakes to avoid.

Did You Know…Back in the 5th century BC, the handshake was used as a gesture of peace through which two people showed that they were not holding weapons in their hands.


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