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Have a Bad Day Day

November 19 is Have a Bad Day Day!

Let’s be honest: how often do you wish people a good day and truly want them to have a good day? Whether we say this common phrase to be polite or say it  so often that it just comes out naturally at the end of casual conversations, Have a Bad Day Day gives us a break from hearing “Have a nice day!” by encouraging us to replace the overused phrase with “Have a bad day!”  Sure, it’s nice to wish others a nice day and to be wished a nice day, but don’t you just want to wish people a bad day every now and then?

So shake things up a bit today by wishing everyone you cross paths with a bad day, especially if you honestly want them to have a bad day.

Note: Have a Bad Day Day is copyrighted by Wellcat.

Sources: wellcat.com, holidayinsights.com
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