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Hug Your Cat Day – June 6th

Harry and stellaJune 4 is the perfect day for cats and their owners – it’s Hug Your Cat Day! Ok, maybe this holiday is more for the owners than the cats.  Every cat owner knows that hugging your cat isn’t always easy, but today, give that kitty a hug anyway! And if your cat is feeling extra affectionate, curl up with your kitty for a quick cat nap.

Having trouble getting your cat to reciprocate your affection? Check out Petcentric’s five tips to bringing out your cat’s “inner cuddliness.”

Don’t have a cat? Luckily, June is the American Humane Association’s National Adopt-a-Cat Month, so go out and adopt a cat in need of a hug and a home.

Sources: holidayinsights.com
Photo Source: Alarob (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons
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