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International Joke Day

July 1 is International Joke Day!

Everybody needs a good laugh now and then, and that’s exactly what International Joke Day was made for! It is rumored that jokes were first told in ancient Greece and that a laughter club (an early version of what we know today as a comedy club) existed during 350 B.C.

So spread some laughter, make a joke, or share a funny YouTube video today. Laughter is contagious, so crack some jokes and make people smile for International Joke Day!

In honor of this holiday, we thought we’d include some cute jokes about calendars.

Q: What do calendars eat?
A: Dates!

Q: What did the thief who stole a calendar get?
A: Twelve months!

Q: Why are Saturday and Sunday the strongest days?
A: All the others are weak-days!


Sources: Altius Directory, Holiday Insights

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Elizabeth’s Birthday

Happy birthday to an important member of the Calendars.com team, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth has been with Calendars.com for nearly six years and runs the Facebook page and blog for DogBreedStore.com, our sister site. She also manages the Calendars Ebay store and comparison shopping engines.

I love Calendars, canines, caffeine and my Mac – not necessarily in that order.  I balance work with volunteering, training dogs, gardening and cooking. My favorite travel destination is home, where I am surrounded by ten beautiful acres of wildflowers and two adorable and adoring (mainly at dinner time) Bulldogs who think I am an absurdly good cook.

Here are a few of her staff picks, but see Elizabeth’s complete selection on our Staff Picks Page!

Someecards 2014 Desk Calendar

Extraordinary Chickens 2014 Wall Calendar

Yoga Dogs 2014 Wall Calendar

Cowboy Boots 2014 Wall Calendar

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An Interview with Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman

Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman  are the creators and producers of the popular comic strip, Baby Blues. They have been writing it together since January 7, 1990, and it was picked up by King Features Syndicate in 1995.

Jerry, you work on Zits with Jim Borgman and Baby Blues with Rick Kirkman—that’s a lot of time with kids/adolescents. Do you ever go see rated R movies just because you can?
JS: You bet. But I cover my eyes at all the appropriate times.

What was the last really great movie you saw?
JS: Moneyball, Super 8, Rango, Hugo, The Help, Midnight in Paris… is that more than one?
RK: The latest would be Midnight in Paris. My list of recent ones would be about the same as Jerry’s, except I haven’t seen Rango, but I’d put Tangled up there.  I have to say, I find more compelling work on TV these days than in movies.

Can you tell us a little about your creative collaboration with Rick? How did the two of you become partners?
JS: We met when we were both living in Phoenix in the mid-seventies (gasp!) and discovered a mutual interest in cartooning. Rick was doing magazine cartoons and taught me how to make submissions to magazines. Neither of us made much money at it, but we never got tired of it and just sort of naturally drifted toward comic strips. Creating and producing a syndicated comic strip is a lonely job, so we decided to do one together so we’d have somebody to talk to (and to blame whenever the strip wasn’t funny).

Baby Blues has been in syndication since 1990, yet the material is as funny as ever. How do you come up with so much new, funny stuff?
JS: We have agreed that one of us is to always have at least one funny kid in the house at all times.
RK: I finally had to draw the line with a twenty-something in the house, deal or no deal. Luckily, my niece just had a baby. But she’s NOT moving in with us.

You both have children—how influential are they in your work?
JS: They might classify themselves as victims, but influential is a nicer word. Rick’s kids were the models for early Baby Blues, then mine came online. It’s a great thing to be able to make every embarrassing moment, disaster and frustration in the house into a profit.
RK: Best of both worlds: you get to shamelessly exploit them while they’re young, and then hold it over them about how you supported them with it—that is, until they get smart and figure out that you actually owe them for all the material they provided.

If you couldn’t do this as a career, what would your second choice be?
JS: I’d be a painter. A ridiculously successful one, if possible.
RK: Rock star, if I was any good, which I’m not. Professional tennis player, if I was any good, but I’m not. So, that leaves writer…

What kind of material do you read in your spare time?
JS: I read a lot of fiction – all types. I’m a fan of John Irving, Donald Ray Pollock, Chuck Palahniuk, Michael Chabon and a lot more.
RK: Fiction as well—John Irving, Michael Chabon, Stephen King, among others. I like suspense-genre novels and the occasional non-fiction book. I also read magazines—including articles about Apple products—and newspaper articles.

Wanda is a stay-at-home mom, which can elicit opinions from both other stay-at-home moms and moms who work outside the home. Do you get a lot of feedback regarding this? Does it influence her character?
JS: I wouldn’t say that we get a lot of opinions about Wanda’s career choice, but it seems to me that it’s a pretty even mix between women who think stay-at-home momming is the ideal, and those women who believe that working outside the home is the way Wanda should go. That said, Baby Blues isn’t a comic strip run by committee. We let the characters do what they will do.
RK: I think there was more feedback about it in the beginning as Wanda struggled with her decision more. As time went on, that became less of an issue. It’s a personal dilemma, and every mom (and dad) deals with it her/his own way.

Are there any big happenings coming up for the MacPherson family?
JS: Nothing planned, but that’s the way life works most of the time, isn’t it? They’ll never see it coming.
We will be publishing a hardbound Twentieth Anniversary book this fall that’s a must-read for Baby Blues Fans. It’s called BBXX. Rick has been working on this book for quite a while, and it’s going to be awesome.
RK: There’s no master story arc, just the way it is in life. I like being surprised…unless it’s another child. There’s just no more room in the panels. We’d have to take over another strip’s space if that happened.

When you look back over your long, successful career, what would you consider to be your “lucky break”?
JS: There have been several. I would have to say that meeting Rick Kirkman at a time when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life professionally is a big one. After that, I think it’s been a matter of making my own luck through hard work and preparation.
RK: Ditto, meeting Jerry. Meeting my wife, because having a child that deprived my wife and me of sleep at just the right time was, believe it or not, a break. Our other child deprived us of sleep, too, but the timing wasn’t quite right. 

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Raul’s Birthday


October 10 is Raul’s Birthday!

Raul is one of our very own here in the office, and to celebrate his birthday he wanted to share his top 5 products with you!


Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



This calendar is full of giant bucks with unbelievable racks. It may not always be deer season, but you can appreciate these Monster Bucks all year long.




Dave Ramsey 2013 Desk Calendar



Dave Ramsey injects encouragement, insight, and common sense into every day of 2013 in this desk calendar. Tear off a page each day with advice on how to find financial peace.




Soar to Success 2013 Mini Wall Calendar



These stunning photographs and inspirational quotes will help you keep a positive attitude through all of 2013. Enjoy these simple reminders that will create extraordinary results.




LCR Dice Game




Enjoy this simple to play fast-paced game that is easy to learn and impossible to put down!




Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



Every man needs to have certain skills. This book shows you all the skills you may not have picked up along the way and helps you never have to ask for help (since we know you hate that)! Simple illustrations and advice will help you Man Up!




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Social Madness Commercial

We had a bit of fun at work today. If you like the video, vote for us here: http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/exclusives/socialmadness

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Love a Tree Day

May 16 is Love a Tree Day!

Trees give us oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide, provide shade and shelter, and some even grow fruit for us to eat. Today, show your love and appreciation by doing something for the tree in your life, I mean yard.

Take a look at how we celebrated around the office!







Raul provided some shade from the harsh Texas sun.













Jessica gave a tree a cool drink after a long, hot day.












Sarah read her Nook to a tree. No paper pages!













Jordan showed how much he cared with a hug.












Jesse may have gone a little far proposing to his favorite tree at the office. Do we need to notify HR about an inter-office relationship?








How do you plan to celebrate Love a Tree Day? Let us know!

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May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day!

Though we can’t be sure of the origin of this punny holiday, some say it was born when the line was misinterpreted in a German newscast in 2005. Another source said the line dates back to 1979 when the line was printed in The London Evening News to congratulate Margaret Thatcher for being elected Britain’s first female Prime Minister.

No matter where the holiday originated, we are happy to celebrate. Take a look at the fun we had in the office for this unofficial holiday and check out our Star Wars merchandise!

Sources: ABC News, Wikipedia

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National Panic Day!

Today’s the day to let it all out,  P-A-N-I-C!

Get the most out of Panic Day with these fun suggestions!

  • You are definitely encouraged to loudly proclaim, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Or, run around wildly and proclaim , “I’m stressed, I’m stressed and I can’t take it anymore!”
  • Megaphones are allowed, but it’s even better if you can exercise your natural lung power, breathing very fully and deeply for a great big, cathartic shout.
  • Fill your company’s suggestion box with the request for a sound proof, padded room. Thus, Panic Day and any other occasion that requires loud, ridiculous behavior can be celebrated discreetly.
  • If, like most of us, you are without a sound proof, padded room, then be bold, be assertive, and take a stand by the water cooler, swearing not to budge until “things get better.”.
  • Stay in bed all day. But first, get up, brush your teeth, head to the kitchen and load up on snacks and drinks. Make sure you have lots of fluffy pillows to hide your head under.
  • Get up and go jogging or swimming or bike riding.
  • Phone in “well.” Call your boss and tell him or her that you feel too darn good to come in to work today, even though it’s a fib. That way you won’t appear to be a victim.
  • Go to work way over-dressed. Wear a tux or a prom gown, and, when asked what it’s about, simply reply, “I have an engagement later on.” Keep ‘em guessing.
  • Call the local TV station and tell them you’re going to run for President and that you’re holding a news conference at your house at noon.
  • Go the animal shelter and adopt a dog or cat.
  • Attempt to dye your hair in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Head for the toy store and buy as many toy soldiers as you can and come home and conduct a “war” in your living room.
  • Mix up a couple bottles full of food coloring and water and go out and write wacky things on the snow.
  • Call the Y and try to convince the pool manager that the pool should be filled with lime yogurt.
  • Start a new religion.
  • Put red dots all over your face and go food shopping.
  • Go the shore and walk the beach, or go to the mountains and climb a large hill.
  • Stand on one foot in the middle of a large mall, waving your arms up and down and proclaim, “I’m a bad bad birdie, I’m a bad bad birdie.”
  • Go to a Senior Center and sit down and have a chat with some nice older person.
  • Contact the local fire company and ask if you can come over and help wash a fire truck.

    Source: The Depths of My Beleaguered Mind

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    F My Life (FML) 2011 Desk Calendar

    Click to buy the F My Life 2011 Desk Calendar

    F My Life 2011 Desk Calendar

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