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Ice Cream Soda Day

Coke floatJune 20 is Ice Cream Soda Day!

An ice cream soda, or ice cream float, is a carbonated beverage, usually soda, with a few scoops of ice cream. The popular drink was created by soda shop owner Robert Green in Philadelphia in 1874. According to one story, Green ran out of ice for the sodas he was selling, so he used scoops of vanilla ice cream to keep the sodas cold. In another version of the story, the ice cream soda was the result of Green creating a new treat to attract customers away from competing soda shops and stands.

Celebrate this frozen treat and its creator by cooling off with an ice cream soda. Just mix one to three scoops of ice cream with your soda of choice.

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Photo Source: Ginny (originally posted to Flickr as coke float) via Wikimedia Commons
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