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Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

OutsetToday is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! This food holiday is always celebrated on the first Saturday in February, and it encourages everyone to indulge in their favorite ice cream for their first meal of the day!

This holiday came into existence in the ’60s on a dreary day in Rochester, New York. Florence Rappaport, a social worker and mother, created the holiday as a way to cheer up her kids during the boring time between New Year’s and Passover which seemed to move all too slowly and make life seem dull in up-state New York. As her children grew older and went off to college, they began to share and celebrate the holiday with their friends, and pretty soon the holiday gained loyal revelers who began partaking in it every year.

Some celebrate this holiday by enjoying a simple bowl of their favorite ice cream at home, while others (like Rappaport’s son, Joe) transform their homes into unofficial ice cream parlors, featuring ice cream buffets where friends gather to enjoy elaborate ice cream concoctions together. There are even some ice cream parlors and shops that have ice cream specials, and others have been known to donate all their profits from this special day to children’s charities.

However you decide to celebrate, make sure to toss aside those eggs and bacon and make room for your favorite icy cold ice cream treat!

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National Ice Cream Day

US Navy 100918-N-6382F-014 Chief Engineman Alex Daplas and Chief Religion Programs Specialist Redor Rufo, both newly pinned chief petty officers, sWhat is National Ice Cream Day?

Thank President Reagan for this tasty holiday. In 1984, he designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day.

He recognized ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by a full 90% of the  nation’s population. In the proclamation, President Reagan called for all people of the United States to observe these events with ‘appropriate ceremonies and activities.’

- International Dairy Foods Association

In other words, spend this Sunday celebrating this delicious frozen treat by enjoying all the ice cream you can eat!

When is National Ice Cream Day?

The third Sunday in July. This year, National Ice Cream Day falls on July 21.

How do I celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

Celebrate by eating ice cream, making your own ice cream or organizing an ice cream social with buckets of ice cream and loads of toppings for your friends, family or neighbors.

Sources: idfa.org
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National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

On January 15, we celebrate National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!

While the exact origin of strawberry ice cream is unknown, one of the first documented uses of the icy treat was in 1744 when Maryland Governor Thomas Bladen would serve it to guests and dignitaries visiting his home.

Strawberry ice cream was one of the first flavors ever invented, which adds up, seeing as early versions of ice cream were vanilla based with fruit chunks mixed in. Today, strawberry is the third most popular ice cream flavor among Americans, right behind vanilla and chocolate.

Celebrate National Strawberry Ice Cream Day by treating yourself to a few scoops of the delicious frozen dessert or having an ice cream social with your friends and family. Or, you can make your own strawberry ice cream by following this recipe.

Sources: Gone-ta-Pott, Ice Cream Journal

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Peach Ice Cream Day

July 17 is Peach Ice Cream Day!

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with a big scoop or two of peach ice cream? It takes about 48 weeks for peaches to ripen, and they aren’t around for long after they do. In celebration of the short peach season, you can make peach smoothies, peach cobbler, or just enjoy one raw…but today it’s all about the ice cream! For a few weeks you’ll be able to find peach ice cream at the grocery store, but if you don’t want to scour the freezer, here is a great recipe from Scoopalicious.

Sources: Holiday Insights, Examiner.com

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National Banana Split Day

August 25 is National Banana Split Day!

The banana split, a classic ice cream- and banana-based dessert, consists of one scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream placed between a banana that’s been split lengthwise. The vanilla is topped with chocolate syrup, the chocolate with strawberry topping, and the strawberry with pineapple topping. Finally, the entire dish is topped with crushed nuts, whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

Yeah, there’s a lot going on in a banana split, so we won’t mind if you tone down your celebratory banana split today – as long as you have the ice cream and banana.Try Chiquita’s Best Chiquita Banana Split recipe or Rachael Ray’s Banana Split, which uses fresh blackberries and raspberries in place of pineapple and strawberry toppings and whipped cream.

Did You Know…that the banana split was invented by an apprentice pharmacist? 23-year-old David Evans Strickler enjoyed creating new sundae’s at the pharmacy’s soda fountain, leading him to create the banana split in 1904. Although it cost twice as much as other sundae’s, the banana split originally cost only 10 cents!

Feeling bold (or just really hungry)? Try Taste of Home’s All-American Banana Split recipe, which contains all the ingredients of the original banana split created by Strickler.

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