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Hot Toddy Day

hot toddyJanuary 11 is Hot Toddy Day! Not familiar with hot toddies? They’re a hot alcoholic beverage typically containing honey, lemon, hot water, and whatever spirit you’d like! The most commonly used are whiskey, brandy, and dark rum.

The hot toddy is thought to have originated in Scotland sometime in the 18th century. It makes perfect sense that this warm delicious drink was invented in a country who experiences cold and damp weather throughout most of the year. Historians speculate that the recipe came about to mask the taste of Scotch whiskey to make it easier to drink. Women in the 18th century apparently weren’t very fond of the smokey, peat flavor of Scotch. The word “toddy” is thought to have come from “Todd’s Well” or Todian Spring, Edinburgh’s main water source.

Not only are hot toddies great for warming you up on a cold winter day, but they have become a popular remedy for cold and flu symptoms as well.

We’ve put together a list of hot toddy recipes for you to make in celebration of today!

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Milk Day

Happy Milk Day!

On January 11, 1878, milk was delivered in bottles for the first time. Prior to this, milk was delivered by wagon in large cans,  and people would have to ladle milk into their own containers (often open pails). The introduction of milk distribution in glass bottles offered a much more sanitary alternative to milk delivery and kept the milk fresher than the previous method.

Commemorate this momentous occasion and celebrate Milk Day by pouring yourself an ice cold glass of milk and reflecting on how far milk production and distribution has come. Enjoy!

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