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Opposite Day

opposite-dayJanuary 25 is NOT Opposite Day. Remember not to celebrate and believe everything you hear. Today is not special and it’s just like every other day.

Okay, all jokes aside – Opposite Day DOES have a real date, though its origin is unknown, and it is typically celebrated today. The general rule of thumb behind Opposite Day is that you are supposed to do or say the opposite of what you actually mean, and likewise take everything everyone else says with a grain of salt. ‘No’ means ‘yes,’ ‘left’ means ‘right,’ ‘up’ means ‘down,’ and… you get the picture. Young children are the biggest proponents of this silly holiday, but it can be a welcome excuse for adults to break up the monotony of their daily routines as well. Doing things you wouldn’t usually do and living your life the opposite of your norm could bring about surprising results. Maybe you’ll discover some new hobbies or interests that you used to be opposed to. One can begin to wonder though, since today was declared Opposite Day, is it even really today? Before we confuse you any more, we’ll give you some tips on how to properly celebrate:

  1. Start by inverting your statements to others. In other words, say the opposite of what you mean. It’s in good taste to keep these statements playful and silly – don’t say anything that could potentially offend your friends and family! This is typically best practiced with others who know it is Opposite Day so you can laugh and joke together.
  2. Eat your meals in the opposite order. Who wouldn’t want dessert first?
  3. Walk backwards! Just be sure you’re still watching where you’re going.
  4. Wear clothing that is opposite of the way you normally dress. Explore new fashions that you were too afraid or self-conscious to before!
  5. Take a different route to work, school, or anywhere else you may be traveling. Who knows – maybe you could discover a new scenic way of getting around!
  6. Try taking on a new hobby that varies from any you already have or would typically take on. You could find that something you originally opposed doing may not be that bad after all.
  7. Opposite Day aficionados have been known to start their Opposite Days by saying, “After this phrase is over, it will be officially opposite day.”

Now, don’t go out into the world, and please stick to your normal routine!

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Alicia Keys’ Birthday

January 25 is Alicia Keys’ Birthday!

Singer-songwriter and R&B sensation Alicia Keys was born Alicia Augello Cook in New York, New York on January 25, 1981. At the age of seven, Alicia began playing piano, an instrument that her mother insisted she pursue. Upon her graduation from the Professional Performing Arts School, Alicia signed with producer Clive Davis at J Records.

In 2001, Keys released her debut album Songs in A Minor, which received rave reviews; the album went platinum five times over and earned her five Grammy Awards. The singer’s smooth mixture of pop, gospel, R&B, and soul has gained her worldwide recognition.

Supplementary to her music career, Keys has directed and acted in multiple films, including: Smokin’ Aces, The Nanny Diaries, and The Secret Life of Bees. In July 2010, Alicia married producer Swizz Beatz, and they welcomed their first child in October 2010. She recently released her 5th studio album, Girl on Fire, and will embark on a North American tour beginning in March.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Alicia!

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