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Team Spotlight: Jessica Vinklarek

Jessica Vinklarek is one of the newer members to the team. Within 48-hours of starting she jumped straight into our paid search system and started making changes for the better. She is a numbers/analytics addict and a whiz at Excel. To get her attention, we just mention the word Excel softly into the air and her ears start tingling.

What do you do at Calendars.com?
I’m the Online Marketing Manager – basically, I get the word out about Calendars on the web.

How did you get into analytics and paid search?
I took a Digital Media class in college to satisfy a course requirement. It turned out to be one of my favorite classes.  When the semester ended I got an internship to keep learning, and the rest is history.

What do you spend your free time doing?
That’s a long list!  I love to cook, take pictures, watch the Texas Longhorns, and take my dog Gravy to the park.

How many calendars are hanging in your house? Your cubicle?
House: 2
Cubicle: 5 (Not ashamed)

Favorite Calendar?
Again, cooking nerd, so I’d have to say the Kitchen Plan-It. Close second – any Greece calendar.

What is something you have done and are very proud of?
A few years ago I hiked up a mountain on the Appalachian Trail.

Ninjas or Pirates?
Do Ninja Turtles count? Because if they do, Ninjas. Definitely.

Biggest pet peeve?

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