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National French Fries Day

July 13 is National French Fries Day!

Although fries are typically labeled “French”, it is rumored that they actually got their start in Belgium in the 17th century. Legend has it that when the weather was too treacherous to go fishing, Belgian fisherman would cut up potatoes in little slivers to look like fish and would then fry them.

Today, French fries come in a variety of shapes and served many different ways. You can order your French fries with ketchup, cheese, bacon, barbeque sauce – the list goes on and on! Check out some of America’s craziest French fry combinations here.

Celebrate National French Fries day by heading to your favorite burger joint and ordering a heaping helping of fries. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, whip up some delicious French fries right in your own kitchen. Enjoy!

Sources: Punchbowl, Eatocracy

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Embrace Your Geekness!

July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Celebrate today by playing a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock or solving a particularly difficult differential equation. Sport your glasses today instead of the usual contacts, and maybe try to bring back suspenders. However you choose to celebrate, May the Force be With You.

Read more about Embrace Your Geekness Day.

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Embrace Your Geekness Day by Wellcat

July 13 is National Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Self-proclaimed geeks, show your pride!

Closeted geeks, embrace your geekness and proclaim yourself “geek!”

Everyone else? Embrace your inner-geekness (because we all have a geek somewhere inside of us)!

Read about the rise of  geekdom in this CNN article published on Embrace Your Geekness Day 2010.


It’s “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” and Wall Street embraced geeks by letting them ring the starting bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday morning. Those bellringers are also known as members of Best Buy’s Geek Squad, who drive to the rescue of people trying to master the computers they bought from the store.

This embracing holiday is just one of a handful of geeky observances: “Darwin Day,” “Pi Day,” “Towel Day” (think “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”), “Geek Pride Day.” There’s even a “Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day.”

Note: Embrace Your Geekness Day is copyrighted by Wellcat.

Sources: wellcat.com, holidayinsights.com
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