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Anne Frank’s First Diary Entry

On June 14, 1942 Anne Frank penned the first full entry in her now world-famous diary. Anne received the diary as a birthday present on June 12 from her father. She wrote a quick quote on that day, less than a month before her family went into hiding.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank tells the story of the severe persecution of the Jews and the need for her family to go into hiding to escape being sent to concentration camps, all from the perspective of a teenage girl.

After two years of successfully escaping capture from the Nazi’s, Anne’s family was betrayed and subsequently deported to scattered concentration camps. Anne died in March of 1945 from typhus in Bergen-Belsen, just weeks before the camps were liberated. Anne’s father, Otto Frank, had the diary published after he returned from a concentration camp to find that he was the only survivor in his family.

Anne Frank has become one of the most studied Holocaust victims, as her diary has been instrumental in educating people on the Holocaust and is featured in many school’s curriculum. Her diary chronicling World War II and the Nazi invasion has also been the foundation for several film and play adaptations.

You can read excerpts from her diary here, including the very first entry.

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Flag Day

Happy Flag Day! To celebrate, we had a local Boy Scouts Troop demonstrate how to fold a flag.

To learn more about what Flag Day is and how to celebrate, check out our other Flag Day post.

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