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Museum Comes to Life Day

There’s no better day to take a trip to the museum than June 24, Museum Comes to Life Day.

On Museum Comes to Life Day, you just might catch an Ancient Egyptian mummy rise from its tomb or feel the ground shake beneath the stampede of elephants, and…did Mona Lisa just wink at you? You never know what will happen when a museum comes to life…so make sure you stay away from the dinosaur exhibit.

Celebrate Museum Comes to Life Day by spending the day at any museum – art, history, science, children’s, space…whichever museum features exhibits you’d most like to see come to life.

Check out Travel and Leisure’s list of the World’s Most-Visited Museums for inspiration.

If the museum of your choice fails to come to life, you can always spend the evening watching Night at the Museum – make it a double feature with Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian!


Source: The Ultimate Holiday Site, Almanac of Miscellaneous Merriment 

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Picasso’s First Exhibition

On June 24, 1901, 19-year-old Pablo Picasso had the first major exhibition of his artwork shown at a gallery in Paris on the famed rue Lafitte. The exhibition featured 75 original pieces of the relatively unknown Spanish artist, and the first critics of his art applauded his showing but blasted him for the quantity of influence from French painters. He would go on to harness a style that was completely his own, often marked by periods (Blue, Rose, Cubism, etc.).

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Sources: History, OUP Blog

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