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Niccolo Machiavelli Dies at 58

Niccolo Machiavelli, renowned Renaissance-era Italian historian, politician, and writer, was born in Florence, Italy on May 3, 1469.

During the Medici family exile, Machiavelli worked as a member of the Florentine Republic specializing in handling military and diplomatic matters for 14 years. When the Medici family resumed power in 1512, he was dismissed from his post and imprisoned. Making use of his newly found free time, he authored The Prince, a political guide of sorts to ruthless ruling and cunning. Niccolo Machiavelli died on June 21, 1527.

Today, Machiavelli is considered the father of modern political theory, specifically dealing with ethics in politics. Niccolo also inspired the term Machiavellianism, which means “the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct”.


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Nicole Kidman’s Birthday

Critically-acclaimed actress Nicole Kidman was born on June 20, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her parents are Australian, so she was granted dual citizenship for both the United States and Australia. At the age of four, Kidman moved back to Australia with her parents, which is where she spent the majority of her youth.

Following immense national success from an Australian Christmas movie, Nicole Kidman was catapulted into stardom. She has since acted in many popular feature films, including: Days of Thunder (1990), Far and Away (1992), Batman Forever (1995), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Moulin Rouge! (2001), and The Stepford Wives (2004), to name a few.

Nicole Kidman has two adopted children of whom she shares custody with her ex-husband, actor Tom Cruise. Kidman has two other children with her current husband and popular country singer, Keith Urban.

Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!


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When is the June Solstice in 2013?

June 21, 2013 at 5:04 a.m.

Learn more about the June Solstice.

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World Sauntering Day

June 19 is World Sauntering Day!

World Sauntering Day was introduced in the 1970s as a response to the increasingly popular activity of jogging. W.T. Rabe, the Public Relations Director of the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan, thought that people needed to slow down and smell the roses instead of rushing around everywhere. Thus, World Sauntering Day was born.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to saunter is “to walk about in an idle or leisurely manner”. By definition, World Sauntering Day encourages us to take it easy and enjoy life as it comes. Celebrate by taking an aimless stroll with your friends, your canine companion, or just by yourself.

Sources: Holiday Insights, A Year of Holidays

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Go Fishing Day

National Go Fishing Day is always celebrated on June 18.

Whether you consider yourself an expert fisherman or a novice, all levels of anglers can participate in Go Fishing Day. Grab some friends and take your rods out on the ocean or your nearest lake and catch dinner for tonight!  Maybe you view fishing as more of a relaxing sport rather than a recreational one, and if so, it is perfectly acceptable to go out fishing by yourself, reflecting and just chilling out on the water.

If you don’t know of any local fishing spots, you can find a place to fish near you by using this search.

Happy National Go Fishing Day!

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Eat Your Vegetables Day

Fruits and Vegetables at Pike Place MarketJune 17 is Eat Your Vegetables Day!

You should definitely eat your vegetables every day, so to celebrate, continue eating your vegetables, increase your daily veggie intake, be a vegetarian for the day, or try vegetables you’ve never had before.

For the other days of the year, try to incorporate vegetables into every meal and one or two snacks.

Visit the United States Department of Agriculture’s ChooseMyPlate.gov site for more information on types of vegetables, how much vegetables you should eat each day, nutrients and health benefits, tips on how to cook with vegetables and make them more appealing to the kids, and more!


Sources: punchbowl.com, holidayinsights.com

Photo Source: Eric Hunt (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons

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National Fudge Day

Pieces of fudge cut from a slab, April 2008

June 16 is National Fudge Day! Enough said.

Pick up some fudge on your way home or make your own and enjoy!

Top Fudge Recipes at All Recipes



Source: punchbowl.com
Photo Source: By jules via Wikimedia Commons


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Ella Fitzgerald Dies at 79

Known as the “First Lady of Song” and the “Queen of Jazz”, Ella Fitzgerald was an American Jazz vocal powerhouse. She had complete mastery over three octaves in her vocal range! Some of her most famous songs are “Summertime”, “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, and “Cheek to Cheek”.

Throughout her career, Ella Fitzgerald sold over 40 million album copies, won 13 Grammy awards, and was awarded the National Medal of Arts by Ronald Reagan and the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George H. W. Bush.

Legendary songstress Ella Fitzgerald died on June 15, 1996 in her home in Beverly Hills, California.

Sources: Wikipedia, Biography

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National Juggling Day

June 13 is National Juggling Day!

Juggling dates back centuries and centuries; the earliest known jugglers were depicted on the walls of ancient tombs in Egypt estimated around 1994-1781 B.C.. There is also evidence that suggests juggling existed in the societies of ancient Greece and Rome.

Juggling became extremely popular within the courts of Medieval Europe. Jugglers were employed to entertain royalty and their guests, and sometimes jugglers even worked as street performers for the amusement of the townspeople.

The word “juggle” is derived from the Middle English word “jogelen” which means to perform or entertain. People have been known to juggle with many different objects: bowling pins, scarves, balls, bean bags, and even objects on fire!

Celebrate National Juggling Day by learning to juggle, or if you already know how, incorporate a more difficult object into your juggling routine.

Check out one of our team members showing off his juggling skills!


Sources: Active Rain, Top End Sports

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Red Rose Day

Raindrops red roseJune 12 is Red Rose Day!

Celebrate this symbol of love, romance and fidelity by buying red roses for someone special or for yourself, or by planting roses in your yard or garden. To learn more about how to plant, grow and care for roses, click here.

Sources: holidayinsights.com, proflowers.com

Photo Source: By Takkk (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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