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National Rocky Road Day

RockyroadicecreamJune 2 is National Rocky Road Day!

Ever wonder what inspired the creation of the classic Rocky Road ice cream and its name? Rocky Road was created by William Dreyer, the founder of Dreyer’s Ice Cream, in 1929, just after the stock market crash. To comfort himself through the hard times, Dreyer concocted this frozen dessert by mixing almonds and mini marshmallows into his milk chocolate ice cream. Delighted with the creation’s positive effect on his mood, Dreyer dubbed the ice cream “Rocky Road,” a flavor to lift America’s spirits during rocky economic times.

It didn’t take long for Rocky Road to become America’s favorite ice cream or find its way across the Atlantic. However, different countries have made their own adjustments to the recipe: Australia adds jam while the United Kingdom tosses in a few cherries and raisins.

Celebrate National Rocky Road Day and cool off from the summer heat with a pint delicious Rocky Road ice cream. If you’re feeling creative, make your own version of Rocky Road!

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Photo Source: stu_spivack (rocky road ice cream) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
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National Bubba Day

June 2 is always National Bubba Day!

National Bubba Day celebrates anyone named Bubba, whether it is their given name at birth or just a nickname. If you don’t currently have a Bubba in your life, use today to celebrate some famous Bubbas: Bubba from Forrest Gump or William “Bubba” Clinton.

Sources: Gone-ta-pott, Holiday Insights

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Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday

On June 1, we celebrate the birthday of the quintessential American sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson (later changed to Baker) in Los Angeles in 1926, Marilyn Monroe bounced around to many different foster homes throughout her entire childhood. As an adult, she began modeling and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in hopes of having an acting career.

Marilyn Monroe went on to be named Film’s Sexiest Woman of All Time by TV Guide and was ranked the sixth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute in 1999. Some of her most popular movies include Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Some Like it Hot, and The Seven Year Itch. She died of a barbiturate overdose on August 5, 1962 at the age of 36.

Sources: Wikipedia, Biography

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Remote Control Day

All hail the mighty remote control! Doesn’t it seem as though whoever holds the remote control, holds all the power as well? The celebratory day for this crucial technological invention falls on June 29 each year.

The first remote control ever was developed by Zenith Electronics Corporation in 1950 and was called “Lazy Bones”. It had a cable wire attaching it to the television, and many people complained about the inconvenience of the cable and how easy it was to trip over it. The first wireless remote control was introduced by Zenith in 1955.

Sources: GeekSugar, Idea Finder

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National Camera Day

The camera has come a long way from the optical device it was developed from – the camera obscura, or pinhole camera, which could be a portable box or an entire room! Nowadays, not only can you take a decent picture with your phone, but you can instantly share your captured memories via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and the increasingly popular Instagram.

Celebrate National Camera Day by taking pictures, of course! Use your digital camera or camera phone or travel back in time and make your own pinhole camera. Capture your family, a beautiful landscape or seascape, portraits of friends or complete strangers (with their permission, of course), close ups of nature, anything you want! Don’t forget to edit your pictures! If you have access to a dark room, take pictures with a 35mm camera and develop your own film.

National Camera Day is also the perfect opportunity to focus on your photography skills:

Sources: Holiday Insights, SquidooWikipedia

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Paul Bunyan Day

June 28 is Paul Bunyan Day!Akeley-Minnesota-Paul-Bunyan

Paul Bunyan is a mythological lumberjack of American folklore whose feats and tales have been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

A variety of legends seem to credit Paul Bunyan and his companion, Babe the blue ox, with shaping the geography of parts of the U.S. For example, according to legend, Paul Bunyan formed the Great Lakes when he scooped out watering holes large enough for Babe to drink from while Babe created Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes with his footprints.

Find out more tales about Paul Bunyan at Bemidji, Minnesota’s, self-proclaimed birth site of Paul Bunyan, tourism website visitbemidji.com.

Celebrate Paul Bunyan Day by sharing his tales with friends around a campfire or introducing your children to this giant lumberjack of American folklore. If you live in Minnesota or happen to be in the area on or around Paul Bunyan Day, visit Paul Bunyan Land.


Sources: holidayinsights.com, wikipedia.com, punchbowl.com
Photo Source: S Carpenter at en.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons
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Beautician’s Day

Beauticians do a lot for us…wax our brows, pamper our toes, massage sore muscles, perfectly polish our nails, make our skin glow, and save us from destroying our hair by trying to cut it ourselves. No doubt about it, hair stylists and colorists, barbers, makeup artists, nail technicians, estheticians, and any other form of beautician deserve their own day.

Celebrate Beautician’s Day by pampering your beautician for a change. If you’re not a beautician yourself, we highly suggest you send your beautician to a professional via a gift card. Make their day of pampering extra special by sending them to a spa for a day of relaxation.

And if you have an appointment scheduled for today, don’t forget to leave your beautician a generous tip (every day, not just on Beautician’s Day)!


Sources: Holiday Insights, The  Ultimate Holiday Site, Wikipedia

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National Catfish Day

More and more Americans are discovering a uniquely American food delicacy – farm-raised catfish.

- Ronald Reagan, June 25, 1987

25 years ago today, President Reagan proclaimed June 25 as National Catfish Day to recognize the importance of the catfish farming industry and the versatility and nutritious quality of this whiskered fish. Read the rest of Reagan’s 1987 National Catfish Day proclamation for more about why we celebrate catfish.

Celebrate National Catfish Day by picking up a farm-raised catfish from your local market – though you’re always welcome to fish for your own catfish – and making a traditional, Cajun-style baked catfish for dinner. For catfish that’s more appealing to the kids, try these mouth-watering Healthy Herb-Baked Catfish Nuggets. Find more flavorful, low-calorie catfish recipes at eatingwell.com.

Sources: Reagan.utexas.edu, Punchbowl.com

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National Onion Rings Day

June 22, National Onion Rings Day, celebrates the fried favorite in all of its side dish glory. Second in popularity only to french fries, onion rings are a staple in bars, diners, and fast food stops around the country.

Start with a large onion and remove all of the skin. Remember, you can use a sweet onion if that is more your taste. Then, cut the onion into rings and separate them. After this, the sky is the limit. You can dip them into beer then batter them, use an egg wash first, or soak them in milk before coating them in flour. Check out some more great recipes here.

Though it is not really clear where National Onion Rings Day started, it is celebrated by those in the know. Celebrate today by making or enjoying this crispy snack.

Sources: The Ultimate Holiday Site, Eatocracy

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First Day of Summer

The first day of summer, also referred to as the Summer Solstice, occurs when the sun is at a point where it is farthest North. The Summer Solstice typically occurs on June 20 or 21.

The Summer Solstice also happens to be the longest day of the year! Celebrate your extra time out in the summer sun by swimming, having a barbecue with friends, or doing other summery activities.

Sources: Calendar Updates, Almanac.com

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