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National Grammar Day – March 4th

Grammarians, linguaphiles, English majors and, as David Foster Wallace would say, “SNOOTS,” this three-year-old holiday is for you: Happy National Grammar Day!

What is National Grammar Day?

National Grammar Day was founded by Martha Brockenbrough in 2008. Also the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG) and author of “Things that Make Us [Sic],” Brockenbrough created the holiday to celebrate language and grammar, to promote correct grammar and language use and to appreciate and honor the grammar rules that help us to avoid chaos through clear written and verbal communication.

When is National Grammar Day?

National Grammar Day is celebrated on March 4 each year.

How do I celebrate National Grammar Day?

Look for and correct incorrect grammar in magazines, newspapers and local ads. Write a grammar-related poem or story. Or just check out other fun National Grammar Day activities and amusements at nationalgrammarday.com.

Source: nationalgrammarday.com, grammar.about.com

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