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Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9th!

Every day, hundreds of socks throughout the world are taken from their mate. Some say these missing socks got sucked into a vortex hidden at the back of the dryer. Others believe they’ve deliberately left their mate while skeptics claim that no sock ever vanishes from the dryer…they’re in there, they’re just hiding really, really, really well. And then there are those so terrified by this mysterious disappearance of socks that they walk through life sockless.

No matter what your theory, you will spend hours looking for any sock that’s gone MIA. Today – National Lost Sock Memorial Day – the search ends. Pay your respects to your lost socks and move on by buying some new socks. We recommend Throx from Sock Dreams. Described as “the cure for the missing sock,” Throx comes with three socks rather than two. Let’s just hope they fool the dryer…

Lost Sock Memorial Day is observed on May 9 of each year.

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Photo Source: Zara J via Wikimedia Commons
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