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Lou Ferrigno’s Birthday

Happy 61st Birthday, Lou Ferrigno!

In addition to being an actor who is most known for his role as the Hulk in the CBS television series The Incredible HulkFerrigno is also a fitness trainer/consultant and retired professional bodybuilder whose bodybuilding accomplishments include winning an IFBB Mr. America title (1973) and two consecutive IFBB Mr. Universe titles (1973 and 1974). In 1974, Ferrigno came in second at his first attempt at winning the Mr. Olympia title. The following year, he attempted and failed to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had won the title for the previous five years. The attempt was the subject of a documentary titled Pumping Iron. However, Ferrigno did win the role of The Hulk over Schwarzenegger, who was considered for the part.

Celebrate Lou’s birthday by pumping iron and watching a few episodes of The Incredible Hulk. Don’t forget your recovery shake – Lou likes egg whites in his post-workout shake!

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