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May 3rd is Lumpy Rug Day!

What is Lumpy Rug Day?

May 3rd is Lumpy Rug Day; a day to show your appreciation and thanks for the old lumpy rugs that provided many years of comfort. Spring cleaning is in the air, and it’s time to celebrate with one of the oddest holidays around. It’s a day to say good-bye to those old lumpy rugs and bring in new ones. It’s sort of an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude.

This holiday also showcases the idea that every day is worthy of a holiday, and that appreciation can be found for the most unique things.

How do I celebrate Lumpy Rug Day?

  • Flatten out the rugs in your house.
  • Donate your old rugs, and purchase new ones to keep your house fresh and clean.
  • At minimum, it could be a day to vacuum and wash your rugs.

While we didn’t have any lumpy rugs around the office, we decided to make some lumps of our own at home:

IMG_4189IMG_4190 IMG_4192 IMG_4187 IMG_4191

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