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Old Stuff Day

antiquesroadshowMarch 2 is Old Stuff Day. There is some confusion about what the true meaning of this day is, but it has been broken into two different celebratory forms. The first involves the celebration of old stuff – antiques, vintage items, and things that have been around for a while. The other meaning revolves around the fact that today we should not do the same “old stuff” that we usually do.

adventuretimeIf you’d like to take the first route to celebrating today, then you should spend it appreciating or acquiring some new old items in your life. Pull out some old photo albums and have a nostalgic romp into your past or the past of your family or friends. Take a trip to an antique store, vintage shop, or flea market and look for some antique pieces to add to your collection. Generally items are considered “vintage” or “antique” when they are 20 years old or older. You could also take today to travel to an older relative’s home and have them recount stories of their past to you.

The second way to celebrate this day involves first figuring out if you or someone you know is always doing the same “old stuff.” If your life or the life of someone you know has gotten a bit redundant, it’s time to shake things up. Do something you’ve always wanted to or go someplace you haven’t been to. Try out a new hobby and get out of your daily routine. Go on an adventure, wear something you wouldn’t normally, or try some new foods! Basically, take whatever you normally would do, and do the opposite.

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Isaac Newton Dies

Noted as one of the greatest scientific minds of the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 in Woolsthorpe, England (although some sources say his actual birthday was on Christmas Day in 1642). He attended Cambridge University in 1661, which was where he truly honed his interest in the fields of mathematics, optics, physics and astronomy.

In 1687, Newton published ‘Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica’ (‘Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy’), which is widely regarded as the most influential book on physics. This is where he highlights his Universal Law of Gravitation, which he allegedly discovered when an apple fell on his head from an apple tree.

Newton’s scientific peers held him in extremely high esteem; he was elected the president of the Royal Society in 1703 and knighted in 1705. According to most reports, Sir Isaac Newton died on March 31, 1727, although some accounts say that he died on March 20 of the same year.

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National Walk in the Park Day

March 30 is Take a Walk in the Park Day!

Forget about all your stress and troubles and immerse yourself in nature today by taking a walk around your local park. Walking is great exercise, and being out in nature can have a calming effect on the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Bring a loved one or canine companion with you, and take in all the beauty the park has to offer.

Check your town’s activities calendar to find out about fun events happening at your local park. If you don’t know of any parks in your area, the National Wildlife Federation’s website will help you find a park to take a walk in nearby.

Check out some of our picturesque calendars that feature National Parks!

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Coca Cola Invented

Coca Cola was brewed for the first time on March 29, 1886.

On this date in 1886, Dr. John Pemberton concocted the first batch of what would become one of the most popular sodas over a fire in his backyard in Atlanta, Georgia. It was originally marketed as a cure-all to relieve hangovers, headaches, stomachaches, indigestion, and impotence, among other things.

The first Coca Cola formula was made with caffeine and coca leaf (which is used to make cocaine). Coca Cola was first sold in Jacob’s Pharmacy inAtlanta,Georgiaon May 8, 1886 for five cents. Today, Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and its products are sold in over 200 countries across the globe.

Dr. John Pemberton has been reincarnated in the form of a Twitter account so you can follow “his” musings.

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Something on a Stick Day

March 28 is Something on a Stick Day!

This wonderfully weird food holiday celebrates all foods that can be consumed on a stick. This includes: corndogs, popsicles, lollipops, cake pops, skewers, candy apples, kebabs – the list goes on and on! Enjoy Something on a Stick Day by creating some of your own food on a stick at home.

Here is a list of 35 savory on-a-stick recipes for you to try at home.

Check out this recipe for easy to make cake pops.

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Nathan Fillion’s Birthday

March 27 is Nathan Fillion’s birthday!

Canadian actor Nathan Fillion was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1971. He is most famous for his role in the ABC television series Castle, where he portrays a mystery writer named Richard Castle who shadows Detective Beckett as research for a character in his new novel series.

For his birthday this year, Nathan Fillion isn’t asking for presents; He’s asking for water. Here’s what he wrote on his donation page:

Last year, you helped celebrate my birthday by building several wells for over 3000 people. That’s something none of us can do on our own, but together with My Charity Water it’s a piece of cake. But, don’t send cake. We want water. Let’s build even more wells this year.

Learn more about My Charity Water.

Sources: NathanFillion.org, Wikipedia

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Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Have you ever wished that there was a Talk in Secret Code Day or a Sleep in until Noon Day? Wish no more because March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

If you’re feeling extra enthusiastic about your holiday, why not try to make it official? After all, it was  Sarah  Josepha Hale’s 17-year letter-writing campaign that convinced President Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday. (Read Hale’s final, successful attempt to convince President Lincoln here.)

Get creative and let us know what you come up with!

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International Waffle Day

March 25 is International Waffle Day!

International Waffle Day (Vaffeldagen) originated in Sweden.

People have been consuming waffles for centuries, dating all the way back to the Middle Ages when people would enjoy simple waffles made of grain flour and water, much like the communion wafer.

Since then, waffles have been developed into a batter-based cake that people adorn with many different things: powdered sugar, butter and syrup, fruits, etc. Celebrate International Waffle Day by whipping up some waffles for your friends and family and eating them whichever way you like best.

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday always falls on the Sunday prior to Easter. It marks the beginning of “Holy Week” and the final seven days of Lent. This year, Palm Sunday is on March 24, 2013.

Palm Sunday is a commemoration of Jesus’ triumphal entrance into the city of Jerusalem. Crowds of his followers greeted him by waving palm branches and laying them in his path prior to his arrest and Crucifixion.

Today, Palm Sunday is celebrated through the dispersal of palm branches tied into crosses during worship services.

Sources: About.com, Wikipedia

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National Chip and Dip Day

March 23 is National Chip and Dip Day!

As if we needed a national holiday as an excuse to eat chips and dips! Chips and Dip are the ultimate party snack food, or for that matter, anytime snack food – and with so many variations on the duo, you’ll never get bored. So grab some tortilla chips (or potato chips if that’s your preference) and go to town on some dips!

Here is a list of 40 different dip recipes for you to try at home.

Sources: Eatocracy, Punchbowl

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