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Love a Tree Day

May 16 is Love a Tree Day!

Trees give us oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide, provide shade and shelter, and some even grow fruit for us to eat. Today, show your love and appreciation by doing something for the tree in your life, I mean yard.

Take a look at how we celebrated around the office!







Raul provided some shade from the harsh Texas sun.













Jessica gave a tree a cool drink after a long, hot day.












Sarah read her Nook to a tree. No paper pages!













Jordan showed how much he cared with a hug.












Jesse may have gone a little far proposing to his favorite tree at the office. Do we need to notify HR about an inter-office relationship?








How do you plan to celebrate Love a Tree Day? Let us know!

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Sea Monkey Day – 5/16/2010

It’s Sea Monkey Day!  How will you celebrate?

What’s in a name?  Did you know that a sea monkey is actually species of brine shrimp?  Sea monkeys have been around since 1957, but rarely are they given their due.  That’s what today is for!

How Did We Celebrate?

Our Sea Monkeys are in the mail and on the way to us. We will have an update post to let you know how our makeshift tank works out.

We picked up a small packet of brine shrimp at DealExtreme for ~$3.00 (can’t beat it).

More to come soon!

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