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May 1st – Happy May Day!

This post was authored by Nicki S and is part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series. Read more

What is May Day?

May Day is May 1st. There are a variety of celebrations across many countries. Celebrations can commemorate workers rights, mark the change of season from Winter into Spring as well as religious expressions.

How did we celebrate?

Traditionally, May Day is celebrated by preparing a small basket with flowers and leaving the flowers anonymously at a neighbors door.
We made crepe paper flowers and filled baskets made out of recycled calendars. We delivered them to our neighboring companies including Round2Heliovolt, and Otis Spunkmeyer. All (nearly 100) employees received a single hand-made flower. We suggested that the our fellow employees from Calendar Club LLC deliver this flower anonymously to one of their own neighbors in celebration of May Day.
Our friends at Round2, a great electronics recycling company:
Leaving some flowers on doorsteps:

Other ways to celebrate:

Germans who dance around the maypole as do the British who also crown a May Queen. Hawaiians Lei Day celebrates the islands native culture and May Day China’s Labour Day.

Further reading:
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