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More Herbs, Less Salt Day

More Herbs, Less Salt Day is a day that promotes and encourages using more herbs and less salt in your meals. Why? According to Wellcat.com, the creators of this holiday:

It’s healthier, zestier, and lustier!”

- Wellcat.com, More Herbs Less Salt Day

In case you didn’t already know, a high-sodium diet is an unhealthy diet, as too much salt can cause headaches, bloating, and even high blood pressure. Too much salt can even effect your taste buds, desensitizing them to foods’ natural, rich flavors.

Cooking low-sodium meals at home is important, especially if you eat a lot of processed foods and restaurant meals, all of which are packed with sodium. But don’t worry. Salt isn’t the only solution to bland food. In fact, meals won’t be bland to begin with if you incorporate fresh herbs and seasonings into them. You can even use herbs and seasonings on prepared meals just as you usually do with table salt!

Celebrate More Herbs, Less Salt Day by swapping salt for herbs, not just today but every day!

Check out these tips for incorporating herbs into your meals, then learn how to grow your own herbs so that you’ll always have them on hand and eliminate the convenient temptation of salt.

Most herbs work better with certain foods. This guide for cooking with herbs will come in handy when you’re deciding which herbs to incorporate into which dishes.

Explore and experiment with all kinds of flavorful

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