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International Tuba Day

International Tuba Day is celebrated each year on the first Friday in May. In 2013, International Tuba Day falls on May 3.

International Tuba Day was founded in 1979 by Joel Day, a tuba player in a marching band at Lower Merion High School near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He noticed a lack of appreciation for tuba players from other musicians who looked down upon them, and thus International Tuba Day was born.

Did you know that a tuba can weigh up to 50 pounds? German musicians Wilhelm Friedrich Wieprecht and Johann Gottfried Moritz patented the tuba in 1835. Since then, modern tuba players have had to deal with the hassle of handling the large and heavy tuba, and the stigma attached to being a tuba player. However, the reality is musical organizations would be incomplete without the “oomph” that a tuba provides.

Happy International Tuba Day!

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