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National Dog Day

Siberian Husky pho What is National Dog Day?

Collen Paige, pet lifestyle expert and author, founded National Dog Day in 2004 to raise awareness of the number of dogs that need to be rescued and to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, whether mixed or pure. National Dog Day also acknowledges and honors these patient, loyal and loving pets that save lives, keep us safe and bring us comfort every day.

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When is National Dog Day?

August 26 of each year.

How can I celebrate National Dog Day?

Spend the day playing and cuddling with your pup. Treats and new toys are always welcome, too!

Not a dog owner? Adopt! Or at least volunteer at your local animal shelter and spend time showing some love to the dogs without  a home. National Dog Day is for all dogs, especially those who don’t have a home or a human companion to play with.

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Source: nationaldogday.com

Photo Source: Per Harald Olsen
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