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National Fried Chicken Day

July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day!

We all know that fried chicken isn’t the healthiest food, but everyone gets a free pass to indulge in its crispy, juicy goodness on National Fried Chicken Day.  Tonight, serve your family the traditional American meal of fried chicken, complete with your choice of rice, corn, biscuits, mashed potatoes,  coleslaw, green beans or potato salad.

New to frying? Learn how to make the perfect fried chickenHome-Made-Fried-Chicken-Wings-2008 – tender and juicy on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside – at Allrecipes.com. Once you’re a master fryer, try out one of these fried chicken recipes:

Southern Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Tenders

Chicken Fried Chicken

Japanese-Style Deep Fried Chicken

Did You Know…fried chicken originated in Europe? The idea of fried chicken came from Scottish immigrants, who deep-fried chicken in fat. However, African slaves who worked as cooks enhanced the flavor of the Scots’ deep-fried chicken with seasonings and spices, creating the southern-style fried chicken that remains a staple meal in America, particularly in the south.


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Photo Source: Kham Tran - www.khamtran.com, via Wikimedia Commons
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