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National Sugar Cookie Day

Snowflake Christmas sugar cookies (2), December 2008July 9 is National Sugar Cookie Day!

The sugar cookie may not get as much attention as the chocolate chip cookie, but it’s just as yummy, and with a simple mixture of sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla and baking powder, it’s certainly more versatile. You can dress up sugar cookies with frosting (any flavor works great!), sugar, cinnamon, chocolate candies or sprinkles. That kind of versatility along with sugar cookie dough’s friendly relationship with cookie cutters make sugar cookies the perfect sweet treat for holidays and special occasions – and they’re fun for the kids to make! But the best part about sugar cookies is that they hit your sweet spot all on their own anytime.

Celebrate the overlooked yet delicious sugar cookie by making a batch for family, friends or the kids. Better yet, have them help! We’ll even share a couple recipes we found:

Easy Sugar Cookies (A quick and simple recipe for plain, sugared or candy-filled sugar cookies.)

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies (Use this recipe to make easy drop sugar cookies or to roll out and shape with cookie cutters. It also comes with a sugar cookie icing recipe and tips for making the perfect sugar cookie).

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Photo Source:Kristin Ausk via Wikimedia Commons
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