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National Yo-Yo Day – June 6th

Wooden yo-yoWhat is National Yo-Yo Day?

National Yo-Yo Day celebrates the yo-yo! Not only is the yo-yo a classic toy, but it’s one of the oldest. The first yo-yos, made of terra cotta disks and decorated with paintings of mythological creatures and Greek gods, originated in ancient Greece around 500 BC. Archeologists believe that ancient Greek children offered their yo-yos to the gods as a rite of passage into adulthood.

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When is National Yo-Yo Day?

June 6, the birthday of Donald F. Duncan Sr., a businessman who made the yo-yo popular in America and began manufacturing the Duncan Yo-Yo in the early 1900s.

How do I celebrate National Yo-Yo Day?

“Walk the dog,” “shoot the moon,” “rock the baby” or perform any other yo-yo tricks. Don’t know how? Learn how to be a “Yo-Yo Ninja” by clicking here.

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Photo Source: XuliánConX via Wikimedia Commons
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