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Calvin Klein’s Birthday

calvinkleinToday is American fashion designer, Calvin Klein’s birthday. Klein launched his brand in 1968 and has expanded into an internationally-known label which produces clothing, perfumes, and accessories for men and women.

Klein was born in 1942 in the New York City borough of the Bronx. He held an interest in sketching fashion designs when he was younger and attended the High School of Art and Design before studying briefly at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. To concentrate more on developing his design skills by working in the industry, Klein left school and began an apprenticeship with

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Have a Bad Day Day

November 19 is Have a Bad Day Day!

Let’s be honest: how often do you wish people a good day and truly want them to have a good day? Whether we say this common phrase to be polite or say it  so often that it just comes out naturally at the end of casual conversations, Have a Bad Day Day gives us a break from hearing “Have a nice day!” by encouraging us to replace the overused phrase with “Have a bad day!”  Sure, it’s nice to wish others a nice day and to be wished a nice day, but don’t you just want to wish people a bad day every now and then?

So shake things up a bit today by wishing everyone you cross paths with a bad day, especially if you honestly want them to have a bad day.

Note: Have a Bad Day Day is copyrighted by Wellcat.

Sources: wellcat.com, holidayinsights.com
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