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Halloween-witchWhat is Halloween?

Today, Halloween is all about ghosts and witches, haunted houses, spooky superstitions, dressing up in costume, trick-or-treating, and watching our favorite horror films. While Halloween has been commercialized, most modern-day Halloween traditions can actually be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The festival was celebrated on October 31, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth for the night – a belief that remains at the core of this spooky holiday.

Learn more about the origins of Halloween, Halloween’s journey from a religious to a secular children’s holiday, and more by clicking here.

When is Halloween?

October 31 of each year.

How do people celebrate Halloween?

Halloween celebrations include trick-or-treating for candy, dressing up in costumes, visiting haunted houses, throwing costumes parties or Halloween costume contests, telling ghost stories and carving pumpkins.

Learn more about Halloween celebrations and symbols here.


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Raul’s Birthday


October 10 is Raul’s Birthday!

Raul is one of our very own here in the office, and to celebrate his birthday he wanted to share his top 5 products with you!


Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



This calendar is full of giant bucks with unbelievable racks. It may not always be deer season, but you can appreciate these Monster Bucks all year long.




Dave Ramsey 2013 Desk Calendar



Dave Ramsey injects encouragement, insight, and common sense into every day of 2013 in this desk calendar. Tear off a page each day with advice on how to find financial peace.




Soar to Success 2013 Mini Wall Calendar



These stunning photographs and inspirational quotes will help you keep a positive attitude through all of 2013. Enjoy these simple reminders that will create extraordinary results.




LCR Dice Game




Enjoy this simple to play fast-paced game that is easy to learn and impossible to put down!




Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



Every man needs to have certain skills. This book shows you all the skills you may not have picked up along the way and helps you never have to ask for help (since we know you hate that)! Simple illustrations and advice will help you Man Up!




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