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World Day for Farm Animals

October 2 is World Day for Farm Animals!

Founded in 1983, this holiday sets out to expose the cruelty that many animals raised on farms for slaughter endure. October 2 was chosen as World Day for Farm Animals because it aligns with Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday, who advocated for the improved treatment of animals.

Each year, 65 Billion animals are killed for food, many of which suffer confinement and mutilation on factory farms. You can help end the suffering by staying informed and educating others on the ill-treatment of farm animals worldwide.

Sources: Day for Animals, PETA

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Name Your Car Day

October 2 is Name Your Car Day!

Name Your Car Day is a day for all of you who have yet to name your car to give that automobile that gets you where you need to be a proper name. Naming your car might seem a little silly, but let’s face it…all cars have personality, from their physical appearance to their performance.

Use Name Your Car Day to put thought and consideration into naming your car. Your car deserves a name that properly reflects its character, so don’t be too quick to give your car the first name that pops into your head.

Need ideas? Don’t hesitate to reach for a name book or check online name lists!


Sources: holidayinsights.com, theultimateholidaysite.com

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