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Meet An Artist: Eunmee Sanatar


I’ve been excited about this post for a long time coming. Eunmee Sanatar is one of the many great minds at Orange Circle Studios. They have a up to date looking website, and their calendars are just as good. Make sure to click some of the links below to see some of her work.

What is your position at Orange Circle Studios?

I’m a Senior Art Director. I create my own designs as well as work with other talented illustrators.

What is something you are proud of accomplishing in the last 2  years?

Establishing a new calendar company with very good friends has definitely been the highlight of the last two years. It’s a dream come true!

Which calendars that you have designed?

Bold Blossoms Do-it-All Calendar; Bold Blossoms Engagement Planner; Bold Blossoms Organizing Essentials Calendar; Essence of Asia Pockets Plus Calendar; Birds and Flowers Pocket Plus Calendar; Geometric Groove Organizing Essentials Calendar; Geometric Groove Monthly Weekly Calendar; Mom’s 24/7 Monthly Weekly Calendar; Eat Well! Monthly Weekly Calendar

Can you tell me about the most popular one?


Our Bold Blossoms design has really taken off, and because it’s on several different formats, it seems to be the customer favorite so far. The Bold Blossoms Engagement Planner is doing especially well.

What was your inspiration for those designs?

I took a trip to an arboretum in our area (Irvine, CA) and I saw bunches of bold flowers in wonderful colors. They were so beautiful! They were a definite inspiration for the calendars I was working on at the time.

Who are some of your artistic influences?

Any artist who is creative, and creates art to give joy, smiles, and laughter to those who admire their art. Some stand-out favorites are Paul Klee and Joan Miro.  Their art is playful, and their use of color is really wonderful.

What do you design outside of your job?

I love to design invitations for parties and events for my kids Joshua and Kaia.

What is your design software of choice?

Adobe  Illustrator and Photoshop

Ninjas or Pirates?

Umm..I do like Pirates of the Caribbean, so I’ll go with Pirates!

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