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The “Pepsi-Cola” Name is Created

Although Pepsi was created by Caleb Davis Bradham  in 1893, the popular soda didn’t get the name “Pepsi-Cola” until August 28, 1898.

Bradham created Pepsi in his pharmacy, “Bradham Drug Company,” by blending together carbonated water, sugar, pepsin, kola nut extract, and vanilla. The carbonated beverage was called “Brad’s Drink” until 1898 when Bradham changed the name to “Pepsi-Cola” (after two ingredients: pepsin and cola).

Celebrate the birth of “Pepsi-Cola” by enjoying a cold Pepsi while learning more about its history. If you live in or near New Bern, North Carolina, visit the Pepsi Store, the actual site where Pepsi was created.

Did you know…Bradham invented Pepsi believing that it was a healthy drink that would boost energy and aid in digestion because of the pepsin enzymes. Pepsi was even marketed as such beginning in 1903, when the soft drink’s theme line was changed to “Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion.”

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