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Fight Procrastination Day

September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day!

Every now and then, we all succumb to the force of procrastination, or putting off high-priority tasks by diverting one’s self with less important but easier and more enjoyable tasks. But why do we procrastinate? Find out here!

Fight Procrastination Day is a good day to complete all those tasks you’ve put off for the past few days…weeks…perhaps even months… Getting organized is a perfect way to fight procrastination! Check out our great products to keep your life in order.

Don’t worry, chronic procrastinators – there’s hope for you yet! Find out how to kick the habit of procrastination (along with how procrastination can effect your physical health) in WebMd’s “Its Never to Late to Stop Procrastinating.”


Sources: holidayinsights.com, webmd.com
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A Simple Trick for Effective To-Do Lists

The Problem?

You come across a task on your calendar, and since you are not in the same mindset as when you scheduled it, you may forget the importance of the task and postpone it or ignore it altogether. This is an extremely easy problem to identify, but a much harder problem to correct.

Update: Ruben from the comments brought up a great point. This is most crucial for dates that are far enough into the future that you could forget the importance.


A Possible Solution

Define the importance of every item on your to-do list.

Whenever you mark your calendar with a to-do item, put a small blurb about why it is important. These can include phrases that inspired you to take on the task, reasons why it is important, or anything else to jolt yourself back into the mindset surrounding that to-do item.

Remember, your past and present selves may not always have the same point of view.


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