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Social Madness Commercial

We had a bit of fun at work today. If you like the video, vote for us here: http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/exclusives/socialmadness

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Happy Bob Day! – May 26

Bob is a name that is close to my heart as I (Robert) am named after my Uncle Bob. I am frequently asked if I go by Robert, Bob, or Rob. I go by Robert as there was Uncle Bob and then a classmate who was Rob. Enough rambling about my name. Today is National Bob Day. A day honoring those with the shorted and slightly tweaked version of Robert for a name.

Here’s a video collage that showcases the best of my Bob list:

What other Bobs would you have featured?

Special thanks to The Bob Club for posting/maintaining their Big Bob List as well as to Animoto.com for their super-easy to use online photo slide-show tool.

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The Beginning

Welcome to the official blog for Calendars.com!

Calendars.com is located in beautiful Austin, TX. The folks here at the office are passionate about productivity, organization, and having fun. We decided it was time to share our love of these things with you. We will be writing about the calendar world from the inside, showing all aspects of how we function, who we are, and the ideas we stand for as a company.

Expect a whole truck load of fun; we will be exploring the world of time, the history of calendars, and sharing the employees of Calendars.com with you.

We aim to uphold certain blog policies that will allow for a healthy community. See those policies here.

Interact with us!

Interact with Calendars.com in many ways. Our content may be empty on YouTube and Flickr, but stay tuned to those channels.

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