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Hermit Day

October 29 is Hermit Day!

In the past, a hermit referred to someone who withdrew to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion. In modern times, a hermit is simply one who lives away from society in complete solitude, whether for religious or spiritual reasons, fear of crowds or a little peace and quiet.

The life of a hermit may not be an appealing permanent lifestyle, but on Hermit Day, you can experience the benefits of solitude without living forever as a hermit. So turn off the phone, lock the door and take a break from your hectic life in peaceful seclusion.

Now you can read without interruption, take a nap, reflect on your life (or maybe just the past year), take a relaxing bath, play a game of Solitaire or do whatever it is that you don’t have enough time for in your normal, hectic life. Whatever you do, whether it’s for spiritual purposes or pleasure, today’s your chance to do everything in solitude.


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