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Be Late for Something Day

September 5 is Be Late for Something Day!

Procrastinators unite! This holiday is for you. Today, you have an excuse to be late for your engagements, so enjoy it while it lasts. Put aside your datebook, alarm clock, and watch and just go with the flow today.

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Sources: Holiday Insights, Yahoo! News

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When is Rosh Hashanah in 2013?

September 5, 2013

Learn more about Rosh Hashanah.

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Jack Daniel’s Birthday

Today, September 5, we celebrate famed whiskey-maker and Jack Daniel’s whiskey founder Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel’s 162nd (or possibly 166th) birthday!

Though Daniel’s exact date of birth is unknown (his birth records were among many records destroyed in the town’s courthouse fire), it is generally celebrated in September. While some sources state he was born in 1846, the official Jack Daniel’s website states that he was born in 1850, and in 2011, the Jack Daniel’s Distillery celebrated his birthday as his 161st. Not only did friends, fans, and loyalists of Jack Daniel’s throw a birthday bash that Daniel’s, an entertainer known for throwing memorable parties, would have been proud of, but they attempted to break seven Guinness World Records in one day – in honor of Daniel and in tribute to his “Old No. 7″ brand. Find out which 6 out of 7 records they broke at Jbdaymedia.com.

Celebrate Mr. Jack Daniel and the world’s most famous whiskey by enjoying a round (or two) of your favorite Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Head over to Jackdaniels.com for drink recipes plus a history of Jack Daniel’s and more! And please drink responsibly.

Sources: Jack Daniel’s, Wikipedia, Jbdaymedia.com

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