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End Malaria Day

September 7 is End Malaria Day, a day created to spread awareness about malaria and to  encourage people to join the fight against this infectious blood disease.

For example, did you know that 91 percent of deaths caused by malaria occur in Africa, where a child dies of the disease every 45 seconds? Did you know that malaria is both preventable and treatable? Did you know that with just a few clicks and one purchase , you can save at least one life from malaria?

End Malaria Day is an initiative created by Malaria No More, The Domino Project and Box of Crayons with the release of the trio’s book, End Malaria.

No, End Malaria isn’t a book about malaria. It’s an initiative to end malaria. $20 from every purchase of End Malaria is donated to Malaria No More to purchase and deliver chemical-treated mosquito nets to families in need. Your $20 alone will cover the cost of sending one or two mosquito nets.

Did we mention that the print edition costs $25 and that the Kindle edition costs $20? That means that 80 to 100 percent of your purchase will go towards the life-saving fight against malaria. The authors will not see a penny. (Did we happen to mention that they contributed to the project for free?)

Purchase the book. Save a life. Get inspired by motivational, insightful and potentially life-changing essays on doing great work written by 62 of America’s most popular business authors and creative thinkers.

Don’t forget: the more people that purchase the book, the better. Spread the word by sharing this post or endmalariaday.com on Twitter and Facebook or by e-mail.


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Fight Procrastination Day

September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day!

Every now and then, we all succumb to the force of procrastination, or putting off high-priority tasks by diverting one’s self with less important but easier and more enjoyable tasks. But why do we procrastinate? Find out here!

Fight Procrastination Day is a good day to complete all those tasks you’ve put off for the past few days…weeks…perhaps even months… Getting organized is a perfect way to fight procrastination! Check out our great products to keep your life in order.

Don’t worry, chronic procrastinators – there’s hope for you yet! Find out how to kick the habit of procrastination (along with how procrastination can effect your physical health) in WebMd’s “Its Never to Late to Stop Procrastinating.”


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