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Mother Goose Day

May 1 is Mother Goose Day!

Mother Goose is a make-believe author of scores of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and is a fabled figure that has been around for centuries. In actuality, Mother Goose has been several different authors transposed across different periods of time, and most stories attributed to Mother Goose have been passed down orally and in “folklore fashion.”

Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987 by Gloria T. Delamar in the midst of the release of her book Mother Goose: From Nursery to Literature. This holiday offers a day to fully appreciate the nursery rhymes we were told as children and share them with a new generation.

Celebrate Mother Goose Day by reading your favorite Mother Goose nursery rhymes, putting on a play of a popular fairy tale, or doing Mother Goose related arts and crafts.

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Tell a Story Day

April 27 is Tell a Story Day!

This fun holiday celebrates the art of storytelling in all forms and genres, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, fairy tale, or folklore. This includes recalling a story from memory or reading it from a book; all versions of storytelling are welcome!

Storytelling was one of the earliest forms of entertainment for ancient peoples, who used narrative accounts to pass down their traditions, morals, and history. Today, take the time to tell a loved one your favorite story and set the atmosphere with decorations to provide an unforgettable storytelling experience. And remember, have fun!

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