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Stay Away from Seattle Day

If you’ve been thinking of travelling to Seattle, think again – at least for today.  September 16 is Stay Away from Seattle Day.

Stay Away from Seattle Day is (kind of) a playful holiday, although die hard Seattleites use today as an opportunity to shun out-of-towners. This holiday was created as a rebuttal to too much tourism, further development of national chains in the area, and too many newcomers to the Emerald City.

Citizens of Seattle want to keep the city for themselves and you’re not invited! They cite chicken infestations, traffic, and the obvious rain stigma as reasons not to come visit. Still not convinced?  Here is the full list of 25 reasons to stay away from Seattle.

Sources: CBS Seattle, Seattle Twist

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National Tourism Day

May 7 is National Tourism Day!

National Tourism Day falls in the middle of National Travel and Tourism Week, and is a holiday that cities and destinations use to promote tourism within their region. The best part about National Tourism Day is that many places offer deals and discounts to get you to come in and visit!

Tourism benefits both the destination as well as the traveler(s), and helps to stimulate the economy. Celebrate National Tourism Day by learning how to be a better tourism ambassador to your city by checking out all the local hot spots and community offerings. Or, use today to book a trip to a place you have always wanted to go. Safe travels!

Sources: Holiday Insights, Holidays Central

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