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National Scrabble Day

April 13 is National Scrabble Day!

Scrabble was invented in 1938 by a man named Alfred Mosher Butts.  Butts was born on April 13, 1899 and when he lost his job at an architecture firm, he set out on creating a new board game. Scrabble, originally called Lexico, was based on his beloved crossword puzzles. Celebrate today by playing a game of Scrabble with your family and friends!

Some interesting Scrabble facts:

  • Over 150 million games have been sold in 121 countries around the world.
  • Scrabble is currently produced in 29 different languages. The latest is the Welsh language Scrabble introduced in 2006.
  • The original game did not have a board but was played with tiles only.
  • It’s not possible to play Scrabble in Japanese or Chinese, but they play in English with a rule book in their own language.
  • There is a town called Scrabble in Berkeley County, West Virginia, USA. They don’t have a Scrabble club.
  • The longest word playable with only vowels is ‘euouae’ (a Gregorian cadence) and the longest word with only consonants is crwth(s) (an old Welsh stringed instrument).

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