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World Turtle Day

GreenSeaTurtle-2What is World Turtle Day?

World Turtle Day was founded in 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue – a turtle and tortoise rescue organization – to raise awareness for turtles and tortoises, whose survival is threatened by human activities and abuse, habitat loss, the pet trade and the effects of pollution and industrial fishing operations.

When is World Turtle Day?

May 23. Why?

May is a busy month for turtles. Many have recently emerged from winter hibernation and are beginning their search for mates and nesting areas.

- The Humane Society of the United States

How do I celebrate World Turtle Day?

Check out The Humane Society’s Twelve Things to Do for Turtles and Tortoises to find out how you can help protect these fascinating reptiles.

Sources: humanesociety.org

Photo Source:By Tokugawapants at en.wikipedia + PiccoloNamek (Modifie version) via Wikimedia Commons
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World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day began as a means to bring attention and respect to turtles and tortoises. Here in Texas our turtles have had the good fortune to have Ila Loetscher, otherwise known as the Texas turtle lady, draw attention to their plight. A real character, and passionate about turtles, she appeared on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show packing a turtle under her arm fashionably attired in an outfit handmade for the occasion.

I’ve never had the good fortune to see any of our Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles but I remember once being very angry at my brother for waking me in the middle of the night and dragging me to the beach. And there on the beach, in what I would call a trance, was a female turtle laying eggs the size of ping-pong balls. They bounced a bit as each one dropped onto the pile. It was a sight I will never forget.


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